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Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. The great circle of the zodiac traced out by the Sun on its annual circuit is the ecliptic so called because eclipses can occur when the Moon crosses it. The Mesopotamian arrangement of constellations has survived to the present day because it became the basis of a numerical reference scheme—the ecliptic, or zodiacal, system. This occurred about bce , when the ecliptic was clearly recognized and divided into 12 equal signs of the….

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Foremost among the wanderers was the Sun: day and night came with its rising and setting, and its motion through the zodiac signaled the season to…. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox! By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice.

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January 1 Birthday Astrology

It is not the time to make fast and difficult decisions. Impulsive behavior may make you arrogant and resentful when you look back. Try to remain calm and take time to decide on any important choices. It may not be your strength to be patient and wait for changes to come slowly but you will thank yourself later that you did. Taurus, trust fate. Your devoted and reliable side of your personality feels confused or fearful because deep down you know that there is someone or something that you need to cut from your life to be able to move on.

This new year is the perfect time for you to cut someone or something off that is holding you back. You may not know exactly who or what you should give up just yet but know that in time throughout this year you will be able to tell.

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This new year is bringing you from one phase in your life to the next and can be a sign of spiritual development as well. Try to look at this new chapter from a different perspective than your last and everything will turn out okay. Gemini, be confident. In this new year you will discover that you are more capable of influencing people or events to achieve what you want than ever before.

Take this new found self- assurance and mix it with your expressive and communicative natural qualities and seek advice from a strong and significant man in your life. Making the most of your resources will only help you establish what you want when you want it in the easiest way possible, so use the guidance of trusted family and friends wisely. Cancer, think positively. Right now you may be feeling confused and full of doubt, but let yourself feel those feelings and do what you need and want anyway. If you want a new job or are considering a new relationship go for it because it will all turn out well.

This new year, expect the unexpected and welcome it into your new life.

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You can often be moody so these mixed emotions you are feeling are not letting you see clearly so take a second to really think about the situation. Leo, good things happen to good people. All the good deeds from your past have paid off in the form of justice.

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Something terrible that happened to you last year will get corrected. Your decisions will be in your favor especially when they regard partnerships and legal matters. Good luck and rewards for your generous and warm-hearted self are on their way. Virgo, you have the right stuff.

Your methodical approach to life is telling you to ask yourself if a new man in your life is to be trusted.

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This man can be romantic or your boss or any man you seek guidance from, this is your gut telling you to be careful who you trust at this time. Be cautious about the advice you are given and use your abilities to plan and analyze to your advantage to see whether this man is really to be trusted.

Libra, even if you don't believe in prayer and are a realist, the universe is still there to support you. This new year will bring you luck and fortune especially after a difficult period in the last year. Your stars are shining bright this year and good health and good fortune will give you a new zest for life. As you are well aware by now, you have learned that you hate being alone and this year if you are considering a new love affair the cards are in your favor. A new job or new travel opportunity may be in your near future so look out for all the gifts of new experience that are coming your way.

Scorpio, be practical. The definitive answers to your questions have been delayed and you fear big changes ahead.

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Continue being your passionate, calm, cool, and collected self because you have nothing to worry about, just let your big changes happen and you will be fine. Sagittarius, the struggle is strengthening. Your enthusiasm and willingness to achieve your goals have made you strong, but this new year you will find that you are feeling more courageous than ever.

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Success in recovering from an illness, a broken relationship, or challenges at work will be yours this year. You have discovered your willpower to come out on top of any difficult situations.

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If you need to give up any bad habits such as drinking or smoking this year is your year to finally end it for good.