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He is completely a a.. When i called their office for complaint. The dealing head misbehave with me on phone. Then i teach him pure punjabi on phone. Haram Khor hai yeh. I still keep that book with me just to keep remember my biggest mistake to believe that son of a b.. Bloody Cheat. Harami no 1.

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Bloody Cheater. Friends please don't spend your hard money on this. This is bloody scammer. D means Real Gandu. I agree with all ye babe drame karte hai. Ek baat in kamino se kahana chata hu ki. Desh me itni berozgari hai sabko free mein tip do dekhate hai kitne logon ki job lagti hai.


Ye to god se bhi bade ho gaye hai. From kanwal jit [protected]. I have taken Yes i can change book before one year. Younuts why dont take some strict action. Why you guys making fool. Problem is in India almost every person has some or other problem in life and this thugs see opportunity in it.

Lal Kitab(G.D. Vashisth)

Government should take action and stop broadcasting such well planned advertisement in television. Apan bhi ullu bana hai bhai. Lal Kitab Amrit, god you can read it like a humor based novel, especially the English one. It's like a word on word translation from Hindi, without focussing upon grammer. Even Google translate can do a better job. If you want a heartirest laugh, order the English version. But prediction, my used toilet paper can do a better crap than this.

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And the people who have not tried the red book special or yes i can change do not be afraid of these kind of comments because no offence the people who are facing problem in the files must have given the wrong time or date by mistake. Dvashisht is not a thief he is not a fraud person. And one more thing G.

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And there software is set like all other Fake Applications prewritten with useless information. Which can or cannot contradict so this way they are winning over people's Emotional Side. And yes We all need to be practical and unite together to take such kind of fakers behind the bars. He must have earned a lot and secured his future and his family by cheating this way with a lot of black money and all. I don;t even trust legal people in our government that this kind of cheaters are still cheating and media channels are supporting such frauds.

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Please support your country to make free from such bugs which are looting their own country. They earn easy money forgetting if it is coming through cheating or how hard other people might have earned the same. But first of all we must unite together stopping believing in anything impractical and try our best to fck these Greedy Frauds. Lal ketab amarat is a stupid book ya pasa latuata ha or kahata ha ke 48 sai se phale ghar banaya to app barabad ho goyga or sar pa kapada rakho nai to bimar ho goyaga Radiment kapda mat phono Ghar ma chaluaa mat galo Ghar ma tulsi ka pad mat rako Ghar ma deepak mat jalo Do sal ho gay par koi farak nai ayaa it's total frod Ia na hamari bhano ka sat khala ha.

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D Vashisht regarding my daughter Smriti Singh Softa for which she paid rupees. There is no prediction at all in the file she received. This is highly un-ethical on their part.

go here The public is being made awre not to fall in their trap. In today's fast changing world, our day to day life is hectic. From career, relationships, home, family and other factors affecting us directly or indirectly, it is hard to lead a peaceful life.

With Lal Kitab, you can bring back the harmony and balance in your life. Lal Kitab Predictions are based on the planetary positions in the twelve houses. According to the Lal Kitab, when a planet's influence is in accordance to the house it is seated in, the Lal Kitab Predictions and Remedies work wonders. Lal Kitab is gaining in popularity thanks to its unique remedies. AstroSage Lal Kitab software has the complete set of charts, predictions, and remedies as prescribed in the original Lal Kitab.

The software can be used by practicing astrologers, amateurs or even enthusiasts to generate correct Lal Kitab Horoscopes. The unique remedies of this software are often simple to perform. Remember Me. Sign In. Enter Your Birth Details Name. Sex Male Female. Time 24 hours format. Place Min. Time Zone. DST Correction 0 1 2. Ayanamsa K. New K.

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